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    Vegan Yellow Curry with Roasted Vegetables

    I was looking for something to do with the yellow potatoes and butternut squash from our CSA box last week and I came up with this simple vegan curry! It comes together in under an hour with very few ingredients, and it provides a comforting, hearty, and nourishing dinner for cold fall & winter nights.

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    5 Weeknight Dinner Recipes for Summer

    Summer days seem to come in two varieties. It just has this fantastic way of speeding everything up, up, up or slowing everything down, down, down. Which of these do you identify with more?

  • These nachos are topped with BBQ pork, fajita-style peppers and onions, and more fun toppings, and they'll make great party food!

    Barbecue Fajita Nachos

    Let me begin by being upfront with you. Oliver loves basically anything I cook for him, which either means (a) I am a really good cook, (b) my husband’s palate is marked by the highest possible degree of unpickiness (perhaps not a real word), or (c) I am married to a human garbage disposal.

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    Southwestern Veggie Chili

    Super Bowl Sunday is in three days, and that’s good news for me. Now that’s not because I like football, but because I happen to love basically every other aspect of the Super Bowl. Clever commercials? Yep. Over-the-top halftime shows? Absolutely. All the snacks I could dream of? YES, PLEASE.

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    Red Cabbage Stir Fry

    I feel pretty good about this one, y’all. If we had a “meal rotation”–you know, the list of dinner recipes you cycle through all the time–this recipe would absolutely make the cut. The truth is that we have no real “meal rotation” in this house.

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    Curried Butternut Squash Soup

    As much as I raved in my last post about how much I love to make soup slowly over the stovetop, neither that soup nor this one uses that method. But you know what? They’re both simple and comforting on a chilly day, and that’s what matters.