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    Hi, Spring.

    Hi, Spring. It’s us—the kids and me. We’re here to play. Well, the kids are here to play. My husband is here to play, too. Me? I’m learning. I’m putting flower seeds in the dirt, but I’m still scared of most insects, and I don’t really like that grass smell that clings to clothes even after we come inside. Mostly I’m trying to keep the baby from swallowing pieces of sticks. I’m also a little concerned about whatever might be in that hole my son is sticking his fingers in. Something had to make that hole, correct? What made that hole? I’d really like to know what made that hole,…

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    Reading Lately, Volume 2

    Perhaps it’s the former English major in me, but I’ve been struck with both the desire to write and the desire to surround myself with good writing lately. Here are my favorite books and my kids’ favorite books from the last few weeks! I’m a brand partner with PaperPie and an affiliate with Bookshop.org. I earn a commission from any books you choose to buy through my links to those websites. (Clicking on the book titles in this post will take you to those links.) I promise to share our favorites! Mama Create Anyway, Ashlee Gadd This is the book I am THE MOST excited to tell you about. It…

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    Blooms and Beginnings

    Last spring I started a garden with six packets of seeds, a few bags of soil, zero experience, and a heart full of curiosity.

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    Reading Lately

    Here’s a look at some of the books the kids and I have been enjoying lately! This isn’t everything I’ve read in the last month or so, and it’s certainly not every single picture book we’ve read recently, but I wanted to share a few favorites.

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    Board Books My 18 Month Old Loves

    A couple months ago I posted about board books my son loved as a 16 month old, and now here I am with an 18 month old! Let’s talk about some board books for 18 month olds! Most of the board books in the 16 month old board books post are still big hits around here, so if you’re looking for book recommendations for a little one around this age, you might want to check out that post as well. My 18 month old loves books in general, but these are the books he asks me to read most often. As was the case with the 16 month list, there…

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    Books I Read in July

    One month ago I posted about the books I read in June, so let’s keep this going with the books I read in July! Should we make this a monthly post? Or maybe a quarterly post? Anyway, let’s get started… I was in a bit of a reading slump in June and only read three books, which is a little low for me. Typically I read four or five books per month. July turned out to be another slow reading month for me, and I read three books this time around as well. Do you feel like you read more or less in the summer? The vast majority of the…