• Breakfast,  Snacks

    Chocolate Chai Granola

    There are approximately 1,398,426 varieties of granola available at Kroger.  I know this because every time I stand in the aisle where the granola is found, I stare at the selection for nearly five minutes before walking away empty-handed.

  • Lunch,  Snacks

    Simple Pineapple Salsa

    I think I’m starting to run into some of the real adventures of being a blogger.  The blog completely crashed the other night, and naturally I panicked.  Am I a real blogger now that I’ve experienced my first big technical difficulty??  Oliver got to work on solving the problem 

  • Snacks

    Chocolate Banana Snack Bites

    I’ve been seeing these so-called “energy bites” or “energy balls” around Pinterest for a couple years now, but I’d put them on my mental back burner.  Honestly, I don’t think I ever even saved them to my boards.  All the posts about them were claiming that you only had to eat one of them for a snack, and I’m really not that interested in tiny snacks.