• Drinks

    Chai Concentrate

    Check out how you can see my phone’s reflection in that picture.  Nice, huh?  I’m still new enough at this that I’m going to choose to let things like that be okay. Who loves chai?

  • Breakfast,  Snacks

    Chocolate Chai Granola

    There are approximately 1,398,426 varieties of granola available at Kroger.  I know this because every time I stand in the aisle where the granola is found, I stare at the selection for nearly five minutes before walking away empty-handed.

  • Drinks

    Rainy Day Honey Chai

    I’ve been holding out for a rainy day to post this recipe, and while it’s not actually raining as I type this, the sky is gloomy enough that it feels right. On rainy days, all I want is tea and a book.  Well, realistically, most days all I want is tea and a book.